Children's Dentistry

At In Network Dental, we have an outstanding approach to children’s dentistry that truly sets us apart from other practices. We not only pride ourselves in making children’s experiences at the dentist a truly fun adventure, but in having the dental staff and expertise that allows us to treat all of our children’s needs whether they are very young (2 to 5 years old), in the mixed dentition stage (6 to 12 year olds), or teenagers who are young adults with special dental needs. Since we are a multi specialty practice, your child will smoothly make the transition from children's dental care to adult dental care.

The many reasons why you and your child will find In Network Dental a special place for your child’s dental care:

  • Children actually look forward to visiting In Network Dental.
  • game roomOne of the most enjoyable highlights for children at our offices is our exciting game areas or game rooms.
  • Our game areas and rooms are brightly painted and decorated, furnished with child-size tables, chairs, and pillows to sit on, as well as books, LEGO® toys, coloring books, all types of toys and games, and every game area/room has cable TV.
  • A visit to our River Edge and Wanaque game rooms is like a visit to an arcade with a basketball shooting game, soccer, table hockey, air hockey, even an elephant slide, and, in our Nutley office, a children lap area.
  • Not only are our game areas/rooms a fun and happening place to play in, but they're also the first place your child will visit at their initial appointment. One of our staff members will accompany you and your child or children to the game room and take your child’s medical history information there, and, you may even have the doctor consult with you and your child right in the game room.
  • kidIf other siblings are in attendance, they, too, can enjoy the game areas/rooms while waiting for their brother or sister to finish their appointment.
  • When you and your child go to a treatment room, your child will be able to enjoy a favorite show on cable TV with the remote at your command to watch their favorite shows.
  • They can also take a puppet to the treatment room to spend time with them.
  • Your child may receive an animal balloon, glove balloon, or see a magic trick during their visit.
  • Every child can take a prize home with them from our treasure chest upon leaving the office.
  • Your child will receive comprehensive dental care from our dentists, hygienists and other specialists, all in just one office.
  • We have a large selection of educational video materials for parents and adults to watch, as well as brochures for children’s dental needs.


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Our Pediatric Team

kids dayAt In Network Dental, we have nurtured a practice philosophy that children should not just be treated by our practice, but develop as patients for a lifetime of excellent dental care. To that end, we will make the extra effort for your children to take as much time and as many visits as needed to treat their individual personality needs as well as their oral health needs.

We start with a comprehensive medical and dental history in consultation with you, the parents.

We then introduce and teach children about the office and their own mouths. We have a wonderful staff that loves to interact with the children in the practice, making balloons, showing them their teeth on the TV camera, playing with puppets, discussing their needs dentally, and hearing about their school and extracurricular activities. They may even comment on the show your child is watching or the sneakers or shirt they are sporting that day.

We encourages parents to accompany their children of any age while they are in the treatment room.

As a testimonial to our practice, we receive a wealth of referrals from the parents of our present patients.

Dr. Michelle Lau, Dr. Danish Qadri, and Dr. Lauren Sattazahn-Cannavo treat children in all three offices with an ability to connect with patients at their level that many parents find just perfect for their children's personalities. They are all dynamic, outgoing, and especially ready to discuss with you, the parent, your
child's individual needs.

Our hygienists are especially trained to treat children, with several of our eight hygienists having children of their own. Since so much of your child's dental care (cleaning, fluoride treatments, sealants, home care instruction, etc.) is delivered by a hygienist, we consider their pediatric training and their wonderful positive attitudes with children crucial to your child's experience at the dental office. We not only send our hygienists to meetings to keep up with the latest in children's dentistry, we have regular monthly hygiene meetings to continually improve the care we provide.

We strive to make your child’s dental care a better all-around experience and we are convinced that your children will look forward to coming back time and time again for their dental appointments!!

If you have any questions regarding your children’s dental health or would like to arrange a consult or initial visit for your child, feel free to call and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members or a doctor.

At In Network Dental, we understand the importance of starting children on a healthy habit of good dental care, and we do everything we can to encourage this by making a visit to our offices a fun time.


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